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Tallgrass Prairie – July 2017 Tiger Club

It’s the height of summer in Iowa, a time when the corn goes from ‘knee-high by the 4th of July’ to six feet tall, seemingly overnight….you can actually hear it grow if you listen close enough (hard to do when … Continue reading

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What I did this spring….

I feel like a need to write an essay of what I did with my life this spring! For a variety of very good reasons, we decided we should look around for a different house in our city. So this … Continue reading

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The Year of the Turtle

This is the week I dye for club (which is quite pretty, BTW), so I don’t have anything new for the shop; although I didn’t blog about last Friday’s update of sock yarn…..plenty of self striping rainbows and Grand Old … Continue reading

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Spring has arrived!

This was the view from my chair the other morning, and I just had to grab the camera: Here’s a better view…that far horizon is over the Mississippi in Illinois. I’m amazed at how everything has leafed out at once….I’m … Continue reading

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It’s Winter?

Tomorrow it is supposed to be nearly 50 degrees. While I’m not complaining, this has to be the mildest winter I remember for a long time. At dawn recently, this was the view from our front door: Um, yeah, driveway … Continue reading

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The cable to run the self-propelling part of our lawn mower broke, and hubby has just not gotten to fixing it. So our yard is becoming a bit overgrown, neglected, and prime wildlife habitat. We have plenty of squirrels of … Continue reading

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Yesterday I overdyed some wool.  I wish I had taken a before picture, because it is wonderful what overdyeing can do.  The wool was all kinds of weird colors, dyed from remnants of dyebaths when I was just teaching myself … Continue reading

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