Ah, the harbingers of spring…

First of all, yes, indeed Lizzie Beth Lendrum arrived here yesterday, and she is happily adjusting to her new home.  The light is terrible today, so I’ll just keep her to myself for a bit longer!

 In most places, Robins are the bird associated with spring.  Not in our current house.  A few weeks ago, we spotted one of these…..
Majestic flyer

Looks beautiful and majestic, right?  Now our skies look like this:


A sky full

Last year, we had no clue what these were.  50 or so of them would perch in the trees on the property in front of us.  We finally got out the binoculars and a wildlife book.  Our majestic flyers turn out to be…….

Turkey Vultures - Closeup

Turkey Vultures

Not quite so beautiful and romantic sounding, huh?  I think they follow the ice break up in the Mississippi River.  They’ll be here about a month, then suddenly one day be gone.  If you’d like a good picture of their mug only a mum could love, click here.

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  1. DreamWoven says:

    we get tons of turkey vultures around here….. they are HUGE!!!!!! we have about an acre and there are some posts and telephone poles… and one will always sit on the telephone pole near the house and freak the dog out. it drives the dog mad…. i’ve seen one on each pole, wings outstretched… very eerie…… i do not like them particularly.

    ok,,, waiting for pics of your new baby…. 🙂

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