The reveal…..Extreme Bedroom Makeover

Nearly everyone who was to see the room in person has been here, so now I can share my before and after pictures!

Before - Angle A
Before - Angle B

You will note the mismatched dressers, the shelves attempting to hold my sweaters and other items, and the general hodge-podge mess.  (And the wallpaper….oh my head!!)

Before & after on dressers

Here are the dressers I bought for the room.  I refused to pay a fortune for pressed board with a picture of wood on it, so I bought these DIY real wood dressers from a home store for $99 each and painted them with colored polyurethane for a deep reddish brown color.  I love them!  I then bought some boards and had my FIL cut them (thanks!), and built these two shelving units and the bridge.   Voila, display space!!  I mounted strip lights under the bridge for reading, too.  (Oh, and see the lights hanging down there?  Yup, a ceiling fan where there was no fixture at all….yippee!!)

After - Angle A

Here’s the other view….I bought ‘bed stilts’, and moved all my sweaters and off season items to under the bed, which allows us to close the closet.  I bought those cool embroidered kimono panels from a gal on Ebay, and found this fantastic bamboo roller shade at the home store.  It fit EXACTLY right.
After - Angle B

The pictures above were done with lights on and flash.  In truth, the room is kept much darker….more like the picture below.  It is cool and calm in there, I love it! 

The ambiance

If you’d like to see some other pictures, do click on any of these and visit my flickr photostream.  Thanks for letting me share my project with you!

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