Yummy Hand Dyed Corriedale Roving!

Watch out…. I busted into that bump of Corriedale that’s been sitting around here….and wow!! I love it! All of these are 8 ounces….snap them up quick ┬ábefore I decide to keep and spin them all!!!

Aurora- Corriedale Top
Autumn Splendor- Corriedale Top
It's Not Easy Being Green - Corriedale Top
Twilight - Corriedale Top
Black n Blue - Corriedale Top

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2 Responses to Yummy Hand Dyed Corriedale Roving!

  1. Sabrina says:

    Ooh! I wish I was a spinner. That Autumn Splendor is awesome!

  2. ThePaintedTiger says:

    Thanks! I really want to keep that one, but looking at my wool stash….I’d better sell it!

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