Hello!  I haven’t blogged in so long I could barely remember how to do it!  Anyway, I haven’t fallen of the face of the earth, but it HAS been very busy crazy around here.  I’ll try to catch you up!

Mr. Tiger, until the last 2-3 years, was a 5-8th grade band director.  In October, we heard the happy news that 4 of his former students made the Iowa All State Music Festival.  It is a great accomplishment to make it, and generally schools don’t get more than a couple of students in.  Clinton this year had 6 students in, 5 in band, and one in choir.  We also had one alternate for choir.  My husband was well thanked for his contribution in starting these kids on their instruments, which we both appreciated.  We were fortunate to be able to attend the concert, which was in Ames.  It was really phenomenal, with the band, choir, and orchestra all performing college level works.
Iowa All State Band
I didn’t find out how all the kids placed, but one was second chair trombone, and another first chair on bass clarinet. The other two were clarinet and tuba, plus a flute player that attended the ‘other’ middle school.
Iowa All State Chorus

And here is the choir, 600+ strong.  The young lady that made it from Clinton also sings in RiverChor with me (as do two of the boys in the band), so it was great to have a personal connection to these outstanding young people.

The kids were at the grandparents, and they said don’t hurry back, so on Sunday we meandered our way back through Iowa, and ended up in the Amanas.  Many of the shops are tourist stuff, but amid them are true artisans and items you can’t get elsewhere.  We had a good time enjoying beautiful fall weather, and no crowds since it was the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Our final stop in Amana was at the Woolen Mill.  I was quite impressed with the looms (which unfortunately do not run on Sunday), but not so excited about their products.  The cotton was nice enough, but the wool was very scratchy.  I guess I’m spoiled having my hands (and feet) in soft merino and corriedale all day! 

I was looking for a new blanket for our livingroom.  I have one of those acrylic pile things right now, and it isn’t cutting it.  My chair is next to the exterior wall and window, and the chill just permeates.  They did have a selection of Pendelton blankets there, and those are very nice.  I’m now on a stalking quest to get one for a price I can afford….right now the one I want is $275.

I’ve babbled enough for this post….so I’ll start another one for current knitting status!

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