Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!

It has been an interesting couple of weeks in our household.  One night we are hob-nobbing at the symphony fundraiser (I donated a couple of scarves), and the next we are enjoying crazy high humidity.  We knew this was coming….the furnace is from the decade of bright colors and high mall hair, and the air conditioner is a non-reliable brand.  But really…..did it need to go during the wettest June in recent history?

I can’t complain too much.  Most of the first week it was decently cool, and I spent a whole day entertaining handsome contractors.  Last weekend was warmer, but we had an air conditioned family reunion to attend.  Which leads us to this week.

We finally have 2 of the 3 bids, and although I thought I was prepared for the cost…..yikers.   So we’ll be making a choice really soon, but will need to suffer the heat while they order the units.  We’re looking at 3-4 days of hot, and lows only in the 70’s.    So today we ate out for lunch and did some wandering around in cool stores (Target must be feeling the economy, too….it used to be meat locker cold in there, but now is just cool).  Tomorrow the plan is to watch Toy Story 3.  Yay!!

This week I’ve also been learning about the rat-race parents run.  We homeschool, and so far only one kid has been involved in activities.  This week and next, I have two kids that need to be at opposite ends of town at 9am, and neither can be dropped off early.

One is doing Safety Town, a fantastic program for K students to teach them a bunch of, you guessed it, safety things.   So far they’ve learned stranger danger, about natural gas (exploding house….cool!), electrical safety (complete with Louie the Lightning Bug), they’ve toured ambulances, and enjoyed seeing and petting search and rescue dogs.  Tomorrow they get to squirt a real fire hose.  Oh, and they set up this little town (mini Pizza Hut, anyone?) and the kids take turn driving pedal cars and learning to cross the ‘street’ safely.

The other kid is taking Clay Class at the local arts center.  She built a pinch pot, created a squirrel statue, and we built a slab decorative birdhouse together.  I’m glad I have the opportunity to help her, because the instructor set up the class to be grades 4-12 and to be quite open ended beyond the beginning pot project…and to be honest there isn’t enough of her to help everyone.  It’ll be a wonder if the kids projects don’t all explode in firing (can we say air bubbles?), so here’s keeping my finger crossed.   She gets to try throwing next week, and she is pretty excited about it.

Well, hope you are keeping cool and your activities allow lots of time for knitting or spinnng or weaving.  The good news with all this heat and moisture…..the potatoes and black raspberries are doing great….and the corn in the fields have definitely passed knee high long before the 4th of July….I’m hoping to see the welcome sight of pickup trucks filled with sweet corn on the street corners soon!

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