August Tiger Club

As I’m about ready to send the September Tiger Club out the door, I’ve remembered that I didn’t reveal the August club!  The colorway was Eggplant Tampenade, a lovely olivey green and a deep eggplanty purple.  (Hence the name!)  The fiber was a beautiful blend of silver grey alpaca and tussah silk.

Eggplant Tampenade - Tiger Club August 2010

For the sock yarn, I wanted something durable enough for actual socks, but still have the alpaca component, so I picked up a nice alpaca and wool blend.

Eggplant Tampenade - August 2010 Tiger Club

I snapped this pic this morning, I thought it looked like a good plan for the day.  Soak up the sunbeams while ye may!


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I'm an Indie dyer of yarn and fiber. I love all the colors, but especially green and brown.....and purple, and blue.....
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  1. Cady May says:

    This is just a perfect color combo! It really looks like an eggplant and works up beautiful, I bet.

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