Still Kickin’!

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything of substance, and I apologize for that.  The longer it got, the more I felt I needed to post something AMAZING, which meant I put it off even more!  LOL.

We’re back to homeschool here, which has been a challenge in getting routines and attitudes (mind included) in line.  In light of that, here’s a bit of ‘What I did this summer’.

June was spent sweltering since our air conditioner gave it up.  It wasn’t that old, but not a great brand, and the furnace was from when I was in middle school, so we thought it would be a good plan to replace the entire system.  Which meant getting several bids (still haven’t heard back from the third guy, guess he was too busy for us!).  Loving the new system….we have a dual stage blower so we can filter the air more, and the thing actually BLOWS.

As part of the HVAC fiasco, I wanted a second return put in, so we pulled down the ugly ceiling tile in the basement.  Oh, and we had a Radon Mitigation System put in.  Once our checking account recovers, we’ll look at having rewiring done, and finally get a new ceiling put up down there.

Also in June, I took an art class with my eldest cub.  It was all about clay, and here are some things we made:




We both had a good time with a fairly new medium for both of us.  I totally forgot to make a yarn bowl, though.  Ah well, maybe I’ll take it again when the other cub is big enough!

That’s about all the update I want to chew off for now…..getting ready to go to Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday and meet up with some Ravelry friends.  Hope your weekend will be eventful and fiber filled!

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