Fiber Friday – Rainbows and more

The shelves in the shop needed some color….so time to make some rainbows! I have four different ones for you, they can be found in the shop in the Rainbow section.

First up, some superwash merino wool hand dyed in Rainbow and Tropical Rainbow, dyed gradient style….one long rainbow from one end to the other. Of special note with these rainbows….I did some research on taking pictures, because the purple was turning out blue. Turns out that digital cameras have difficulty ‘seeing’ purple….so there you have it. There is definitely purple in these.
Rainbow - Superwash Merino Wool
Tropical Rainbow - Superwash Merino Wool Spinning Fiber

And next up are two rainbows dyed variegated on Corriedale Combed Top. There is more blending of colors this way, and you have a variety of options for spinning….from the end and chain ply to make very long color changes, split and ply for a similar effect but a bit more blending between color changes, strip down for shorter colors changes, and you can try fun techniques like fractal spinning (just google it).
Harvest Rainbow - Hand Dyed Corriedale Combed Top
Tropical Rainbow - Hand Dyed Corriedale Roving for Spinning

Then I did some dabbling in Mixed BFL….what stunning stuff! Here are two nature inspired colors: Cascade and Alpine. (You can find them here.)
Cascade - Mixed BFL Combed Top Hand Dyed by The Painted Tiger
Alpine - Mixed BFL Hand Dyed Wool for Spinning

I liked Cascade so much I decided to try again as a gradient on Superwash Merino. And then while I was busy with gradients, I made one in pretty Hibiscus.
Cascade Gradient - Superwash Merino Wool Roving
Hibiscus Gradient - Superwash Merino Hand Dyed Wool Roving

And finally, the theme for April’s Phat Fiber box was Tea Party, so I recreated my current favorite tea, Ginger Peach Green Tea. I sent in Romney as samples, and went to make some for the shop and ran out of Romney….so I made some on BFL also. Both are fun to spin fibers, and these mellow earth tones will be perfect for anyone.
Ginger Peach Tea - Romney Top
Ginger Peach Tea - BFL Top

I’m currently in the throes of dyeing club, which will be ‘painterly’ this month.  As a note on club, I’m planning to close the club to new members for the month of July due to a family vacation we are taking.  July will go out on time, but I’d like to have it dyed before we leave.  So if you have been on the fence about Tiger Club, think about hopping in before the summer starts.  May is open right now, and once you are in, you’re in for as  long as you like.

Our next Fiber/Yarn Update (which may or may not happen next Friday….I’ll be at Stringtopia) will be glorious Silk, and I’m pretty excited about it.

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