Fresh from the Dyepot – Targhee

I feel like a kid in a candy store, dyeing up this luscious Targhee top. It is soft and springy and such fun to spin. Great for socks or anything else you want to bounce back.

Anytime I have a new fiber, it has to pass the Rainbow test.
Rainbow Targhee

Out of the Deep was inspired by a song we’ve been singing in choir. Dark and mysterious…..
Out of the Deep Targhee

Koi Pond is a favorite here at TPT…..and look at the shawl Irieknit on Ravelry made with the same colorway in a different fiber…..

Koi Pond Targhee

Koi Pond Shawl

Ok, I admit it, I dyed this batch of Forest for myself. I’ll also be making the No Fuss Shade Loving Shawl as part of our Fractal SAL/KAL, and I’m a sucker for green and brown. I dyed this with a triangle shawl in mind, increasing the amounts of each color. I’d love to see your interpretation of this compared to mine!

Forest Targhee

I so enjoyed how Autumn Splendor came out on Tiger Sport that I decided to try it on the Targhee, and wow, is it cool! This is also my Phat Fiber offering for November.

Autumn Splendor Targhee

Xanadu is just plain fun, and much more vibrant than my camera would allow.

Xanadu Targhee

And a nice bookend to the collection, Tropical Rainbow.

Tropical Rainbow Targhee

Hope you’ll try this lovely fiber, you can browse the Targhee and other fibers in the shop.

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