Whew, it’s Friday!

So, yeah. I promised striping yarn today, didn’t I? I should know better, because when I set myself deadlines like this, life crops up. So, you can have a teaser!

Here is Koi Pond, on Journey, which is a fabulous sock yarn of superwash merino and nylon, has a nice twist, and four plies!

Koi Pond on Journey - Self Striping Hand Dyed Yarn

I do have Rainbow ready, but not a sample knit up; and I’ve been dyeing a bunch of colors on Polwarth combed top. I’d say look for those next week, but I’m afraid to!

In my ‘free time’ this week, I’ve been participating in Spinzilla, on the Stringtopia team. Yesterday I needed to wind off my bobbin (usually having only one isn’t a big deal, but in a race it would have been nice to switch). I’ve been spinning my color samples from August’s Tiger Club, and trying out my new lace flyer for the Hansen miniSpinner. I didn’t think I was spinning especially thin, but look at these results:

Spinzilla - Villa Nova SW Corriedale

That’s over 900 yards of singles, from not a whole lot of fiber. I spun the rest last night, I’ll have to get that measured and added to my total. I’m pretty happy with this….I was throwing fiber at the wheel (which was problematic at times….I’d get curly-q’s that would hang up on the guides, and stop wind on), and watching Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth looks so nice in green). So if you consider all that, I can spin much faster, now….about 180 yards an hour. I’ll have to see the ratio for the last bit….I paid better attention to when I started and stopped, and spent a little less time futzing with the tension.

Hope you all have a nice weekend, in our part of the world it looks to be the last really nice one, as far as shirtsleeve weather. Next week we move to sweater weather, and cozy wool sock weather. Bring it.

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