Flotsam – October Tiger Club Reveal

Well, I’ve been putting off this post, mostly because I saved a skein of this month’s club for myself, and I really wanted to proudly show off my completed socks for the reveal. You know how those ‘best laid plans’ go…..anyway, I can proudly show you a strategically photographed sock that will be ripped out and totally remade. I had a math fail.  Multiply by rows per inch, not stitches per inch.  Duh, me.

So, I guess I should back up. October’s Tiger Club was actually inspired by the yarn, which is Tiger Tweed. All those little bits of Donegal plus some shades of blue and green and a glimpse of rust made me think ‘Shipwreck’, and here we are….Flotsam!

Flotsam Bengal Tweed Sock - October 2014 Tiger Club

I really love how they turned out. And here is my proto-sock. Don’t feel too bad for me, now I’ll actually tweak my design and get them better fitting. If the first one had been ‘good enough’, I would have just made a second the same and been done with it. I think I’m going to take a few stitches out of the leg, maybe narrow the ankle, then add them back in for the foot. I also liked how I picked up one side of the heel, but somehow the other side is different. I am a little miffed that I cut the yarn already, so I’ll have to splice on the re-do.

Flotsam Sock....try 1

Ah, and our fiber. I brought back a great fiber from last year, Masham. It is naturally an oatmeal-gray color, and adds amazing depth to our Flotsam shades.

Flotsam Masham Wool - October 2014 Tiger Club

Here’s the inspiration photo:

Want to join the fun? There are spots in Tiger Club open until November 15th. This month, both yarn and fiber will be products of the USA. I love supporting the return of the wool industry to America, especially when the products are so great.

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