Tiger Eye – July Tiger Club Reveal

Tiger eye 2The stone known as Tiger Eye inspired July’s Tiger Club. I used a beautiful shiny blend of Merino and Tencel for both the fiber and the yarn to recreate the shades of gold and tan. The fiber was dyed in a back and forth gradient: Tiger Eye - Merino Tencel - Tiger Club July 2015

And the yarn was dyed in a method I like to call ‘organized chaos’. It is always interesting to see how the different materials take the same dye recipe differently.

Tiger Eye - Merino Tencel - Tiger Club July 2015If you are interested in receiving a surprise every month, there are limited spots open in Tiger Club through tomorrow (August 15th).

In related news, we’ve added to our house tiger collection. Our beloved Nate, the original Painted Tiger, was 20 and just not happy with life anymore, so we said goodbye in early July. Our remaining kitty seemed very lonely….and, well….one of him wasn’t enough to go around, so we looked for a kitty to adopt. Well, things are never that simple….we fell in love with these girls, who are sisters. How could we take one and not the other? Tigers, oh my!

Tinder is on the left, her ‘dating profile’ said she liked to snuggle in blankets….but we haven’t seen any of that. She loves to PLAY, and is off at the slightest movement or noise….hence her name. I was lucky to get these shots of her.  She isn’t all ‘spazz’, she does come over for scritches…..but then she sees a bug in the window and must see it!

Ember, on the right, was listed as needing a quiet home, but she has adjusted the fastest. She is very friendly, loves to be petted and to snuggle, and still enjoys some playing.  She was named first, due to her charcoal and ash coat with embers of orange showing through.

Norman isn’t too sure about these two, but they are all tolerating each other well. We took it slow and introduced them through a door, then a screen for a few days before giving everyone the run of the house. We’re enjoying all three.

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