Chocolate with Sprinkles – January 2017 Tiger Club

Color Inspiration - Chocolate Cupcakes with bright flower sprinkles

Late January, and those pesky resolutions are tossed aside – because the grey days of winter call for some serious carbohydrates!  These delicious fudge chocolate cupcakes with bright sugar flower sprinkles on them are just the thing.  I had a lot of fun with this color, painting on the bright colors, then tieing so I could overdye the brown.

Chocolate w/ Sprinkles - Tiger Sport Sock Yarn - January 2017 Tiger Club

The yarn is Tiger Sport, and I’m sad to say this is the last of it.  Ah well, yarn comes and goes, I’m sure I’ll find something else great!  Need to extend the yardage?  This would be a great yarn to do solid heels and toes in any of the colors….or even stripe them!

Chocolate w/ Sprinkles 19 Micron Merino Wool Combed Top- January 2017 Tiger Club

The fiber is a beautiful soft 19 micron Merino.  This stuff is so cottony….it took the brown more like milk chocolate!  It is always interesting to see how different materials take the exact same colors.

Are you interested in Tiger Club?  Drop me a line through the shop, I’ll double check my spots and see if I can’t find one for you!

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