Tallgrass Prairie – July 2017 Tiger Club

I00664 Big Bluestem Tallgrass Prairie

It’s the height of summer in Iowa, a time when the corn goes from ‘knee-high by the 4th of July’ to six feet tall, seemingly overnight….you can actually hear it grow if you listen close enough (hard to do when you are swatting mosquitoes!).  The weather is hot and humid, and there is often a haze over the landscape.  Way back when Laura Ingalls Wilder was a girl and pioneering, Iowa was a sea of Tallgrass Prairie.  In college, I took a class about them, and it was so interesting.  Prominent in most tallgrass prairies is the grass Big Blue Stem, seen in the foreground of this picture.  Like the corn, it is over your head tall, and does indeed lean blue.  (And yes, there is a Little Blue Stem!)  I really love this state….the green and rolling hills, and wanted to share it with you.

Tallgrass Prairie - July 2017 Tiger Sock Yarn Club - Merino Tencel

To capture the ‘haze’ of summer, I decided to use a Superwash Merino/Tencel blend.  The Tencel does not take the acid dye, so the overall look is a bit hazy, and has a lovely shine.  This 50/50 blend does have enough twist to use as socks, but I’d suggest a shawl, cowl, or other such item.  The dyeing (of 3 greens, a golden tan, and rust) is a quite random drizzling, so if anything pools it shouldn’t stay that way for long.

Tallgrass Prairie - July 2017 Tiger Fiber Club - Merino Wool and Tencel

Our fiber is also a 50/50 blend of Merino and Tencel (no superwash, though).  The technique I used is a layered one, so the colors are somewhat random, and you will notice that in places the color changes across the width of the fiber.  This can be a slippery blend, if you have issues, you may have better luck pulling of a bit and spinning from the fold.

Deer in the yard

Fitting into our color theme were our visitors the other day.  About 100 yards beyond this picture is one of the busiest streets in town, but our neighborhood offers a quiet sanctuary of ravines and wooded backyards.  We’ve seen this pair, and sometimes last year’s fawn, frequently this summer.  I was surprised to see them so close, and laying down mid-day, so I had to get some shots.

Deer in the yard

Deer in the yard

Good thing this little one is cute….she has a penchant for my flowers.

Thanks for enjoying July’s Tiger Club!  If you want to be part of the fun for August, I do have spots open in all clubs right now.

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