It’s A-Boat Time! June 2019 Tiger Club Reveal

Row boat with faded red to coral interior on water reflecting a blue sky.

I’m finding it very amusing that the color title is this, and I’m finally getting around to posting this reveal! June continues the theme of this year related to water (because we sure still have a lot of it here in the Midwest)! I changed the color sampling on this one, see your club note for my color picks….the blues are similar, but I went for the gray metal of the boat, a bit more peachy tan on the paddles, and obviously the glorious coral of the faded boat interior.

Its A Boat Time Dorset Horn Wool - June 2019 Tiger Club

The fiber is a new one for club, Dorset Horn. It’s actually a threatened breed, as the polled (non-horn) are generally more popular for farmers. You can read more about them at the Livestock Conservancy. The wool has an irregular crimp and twist to it, which encourages loft and bounce even when spun worsted, and it resists felting. It’s a medium wool, your tolerance to itch factor will determine what you want it to be. I’m thinking socks, at which point I think I might do a combo spin on this…..tear it into much smaller pieces and grab randomly (or color ordered if you prefer), then chain ply to make stripes. You make it do what you want, you are the boss of your fiber.

Its A Boat Time Panda 2 Sock Yarn - June 2019 Tiger Club

Our yarn is a new version of an old favorite, Panda. This version leaves out the nylon, because really….you already have the Bamboo rayon in there. This leaves room for more wool, which lends more bounce and memory. This is also spun thinner, so there’s more yardage to play with. Finally, the skein put up is several inches more around, which gives me more options on color placement. I like it, I hope you do, too.

Tiger Sock Club is full for July, but I can still take a few fiber club members. Stop by if you are interested, Club is open through the 15th. (Kaspersky insists my club page is some sort of risk, if your antivirus says the same, I assure you it just has a bunch of PayPal buttons on it!)

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I'm an Indie dyer of yarn and fiber. I love all the colors, but especially green and brown.....and purple, and blue.....
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