Tropical Pop – March Tiger Club Reveal

In February, I told you about some new dye colors I purchased. Well, I really wanted to let them shine by themselves, so March Club was all about mixing my new Fluorescent Yellow with Fluorescent Pink (that really leans toward violet). The fun thing with dye mixing is that it doesn’t seem to always make sense to those of us schooled in making color wheels with opaque pigment paints. These two colors together in the right proportions make a great fiery red!

While it is exciting to have the bright (!!!!) colors (and I think these should black light react, too…..not going to try to find one right now, though!!) it does come with a drawback. These are NOT as wash and colorfast as my regular Lanaset dyes. You’ll note that I hand wrote in on the tags that it may bleed. I did rinse them clear in our water, but yours may get that pink bleeding again. I suggest you hand wash whatever you make in cool water, pH neutral wool wash (or shampoo) with a splash of vinegar, and don’t let it soak….just wash it and get it out again. That will keep the colors bright as long as possible.

Tropical Pop Falkland March 2020 Tiger Club

Our wool this month is my favorite for bright colors….nice white Falkland. It’s a wool pool of corriedale, merino, and other similar breeds, chosen specifically for whiter fleece. It’s a nice medium micron, which can be ok for next to the skin for some. This would make a really fun hat or cowl. I do have two extra braids if clubbers would like some more.

Tropical Pop Journey March 2020 Tiger Club

Journey Sock Yarn is a favorite around here for being a nice blend of Merino and Nylon, and a nice smooth 4 ply that takes color great! I dyed this as a there-and-back gradient, which should either mini-stripe or pool depending on your pattern and gauge.

Interested in trying Tiger Club? Subscriptions are monthly, so there’s no big up-front commitment. Stop by, I have one more spot in Fiber Club and several openings for Sock Club.

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