Cream Legbar Rooster – May 2020 Tiger Club

It was time for something completely different, and this handsome fellow was just the subject for the job. To add to the ‘something different’, I dyed this on two different merino treatments…one superwash yarn, and one 21 micron merino…non-superwash, for strikingly different effects.

Cream Legbar Rooster May 2020 21 Micron Merino

The 21 micron Merino is super cottony soft, tons of fine fibers that just slurp up dye and disperses light to give a matte look. I dyed this in a variegated pattern. Think about how you want the colors to spin out….do you want longer stretches of each for a stripe? Plan for a single, or strip it down in half lengthwise for a 2 ply, and spin across the top to keep each color together for longer. Want to mix it up more? Strip the pieces even thinner and do a true 3 ply, starting each at a different spot so more colors will line up at once. Or tear it all up and pull random bits out to spin from the fold! So many options.

Cream Legbar Rooster May 2020 Titanium

Our Superwash Merino Nylon Titanium yarn is a bird of a different feather…..this yarn lets dye strike hard and bright, perfect for speckles (and hey, that rooster has some!). This colorway required a multistep process…I dip dyed the base cream color, then wet sprinkled the yarn on ‘all sides’ in a hot pan to get great speckling, then finally added the red cockscomb stripe in the middle……and then heat set the whole thing.

Cream Legbar swatch

Here’s an example of how it may knit up, a clubber made this infinity scarf on her circular sock machine, it’s a tube of 60 stitches…..depending on the number of stitches you use for socks, your red streak will turn out differently. I hope you’ll share what you make!

Want to join the fun? I do have a few sock yarn spots still open through June 15th!

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I'm an Indie dyer of yarn and fiber. I love all the colors, but especially green and brown.....and purple, and blue.....
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