Ravelry – A warning about the ‘new rav’.

A week ago, Ravelry rolled out a site make-over. Since then, there have been reports of a number of issues experienced by users, ranging from eye-strain to nausea to migraines to seizures. If you are prone to the more serious of these symptoms, I would exercise care in visiting Ravelry, even the new log-in page animation is causing issues for people. TPTB are working on fixing the issues, but the new design is still problematic for some. With Rav sticking with the new design as default, I felt the need for this warning.

There are a few options to work around the new design:

1) Internet Explorer seems unaffected by the change. So far this is working for some.

2) If you don’t mind staying logged in so you don’t see the opening animation, have someone do that for you, then have them click on your Ravatar in the far right, and select Classic. This will get you close to the original look, although users are complaining of broken things, and some font adjustments that may be related to Chrome or Edge updates. If you purchase a pattern, there is another animation of bouncing yarn balls that is causing issues for some.

3) Rav user EVM has developed a Stylish theme to bring back the Green ravelry look, it works with a few different plug-ins and browsers. You can find her theme here. It does take care of the login page animation, I’m not sure on the zippy Bob right after, nor the yarn balls when purchasing a pattern….she is continually updating it and taking suggestions. Check the theme notes on the link above. She also has more information in a Ravelry Project (<–link to Rav) , but of course you must be on Rav to view it.

Be careful and stay safe, friends.

Updates as of 6/25/20:

The login screen balloon animation has been stilled, but Bob and the rainbow will still race across. Once you’ve switched to Classic, you’ll get the old login screen, no animations.

Classic Rav is default now, however if you’ve been on NuRav, you may need to change it to Classic.

Your choice of version is stored in your cookies. If you have agressive cookie deleting on your browser, or change devices, you may have to select Classic again. Some people are reporting issues if they switch functions, like from Forums to Patterns.

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