Purple Highlights – July 2021 Tiger Club

I love color (I guess that’s a good thing for a dyer!!), the ironic thing is that I don’t tend to go very bold for my clothing, and definitely not my hair! Someday, though….the white hair is going to outnumber the brown, and I think I’m going to at least try this once. In the meantime, I had a lot of fun with these shades and some Zebra yarn and fiber.

Purple Highlights Zebra Sock  - Tiger Club July 2021

The yarn is the super-hot-right-now Zebra Sock Yarn, a nice blend of Merino and Nylon in a tight twist two ply. It has random bits of black and great in the plies, which make random stripes and puddles when knitting up, the effect will depend on what you are making. I dyed this using my favorite stock purple, and the purple leaned both to the periwinkle blue side, and the magenta pink side. I used a low immersion cold pour method, let the yarn soak up the colors for a bit, then added acid and waited a bit longer, then heat set the whole thing. They turned out pretty and each is unique (so if you get a double helping of sock yarn, do alternate if using them together).

Purple Highlights Zebra Merino - Tiger Club July 2021

I certainly couldn’t let sock club have all the fun, and I was lucky enough to find this Merino blend of white, cream, greys, and black. It took the same three shades of violet like a champ, and I applied them randomly, so don’t look for a repeat! Merino does great spun worsted from the end, or semi-woolen from the fold or fauxlags, or you can even use your hand cards or blending board.

I’m keeping August Club closed this month, as things are busy with final summer activities and back to school. If you are interested in a spot, do use the contact form to be on the waitlist. Thank you!

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I'm an Indie dyer of yarn and fiber. I love all the colors, but especially green and brown.....and purple, and blue.....
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