Sunset Silhouettes – December 2022 Tiger Club

Probably the most spectacular kind of sunset is this type…..all golden orange pink and purple while casting all the objects…..palm trees, cactus, barns, into stark shadow. Such Sunset Silhouettes seemed a fitting ending to 2022’s Tiger Club.

Sunset Silhouettes Merino Tencel 70-30 TC Dec 2022

The fiber is a blend of 70% fine Merino and 30% Tencel, with the Tencel kept more in ribbons than blended with the Merino, lending another layer of interest to our colors. I split the top and dyed half the charcoal shadow color, and the other half in the bright gradient, then braided them together for presentation. You could hold them together to spin a marled single, or spin separately to ply together for a marl or separately to use as stripes (or separate projects).

Sunset Silhouettes Targhee Sock TC Dec 2022

The yarn is thick and bouncy Targhee Sock, and all American grown and processed yarn. To keep the idea of the silhouette, I striped this between the charcoal and the gradient….dyed as a double there and back variegated, which as you can see is stacking and spiraling nicely. Play with stitch count (or tension or needle size or pattern), you’ll find even a small change will made a difference in how the colors travel around the sock.

Here’s all of 2022 Tiger Club in one picture:

Ready to join in the fun for 2023? Spots are currently open in ALL club combinations!

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  1. Denise Kelly says:

    Gorgeous palette

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