Swirl – May 2024 Tiger Club

I was browsing through my collection of inspiration pictures, pulling out those I was particularly inspired to make at this time, and managed to pull out 3 that have connections to the ocean/beach, so we’re having a summer theme! With Swirled, I love the soft tones of these Sea Snail shells, specifically the Neverita Duplicata Shark Eye. I did tweak the colors pulled out a little bit, I leaned the buff sand color more toward peach, and the nebulous mauve color into a more firm violet. I also toned the navy down to match value better with the other colors. I was ruefully amused, apparently I did such a good job with this colorway that USPS decided one of the club packages should go to Hawaii! Fortunately, it was safely delivered back to Minnesota.

Swirl Panda 2 TC May 2024

It was a no-brainer to look for a yarn with some shine for this colorway. Panda 2 fit the bill, a supersoft blend of 80% Superwash Merino and 20% rayon of Bamboo. This blend is great for socks….and anything else you’d like to make. I dyed this in the round, so the colors stay in order, this should lead to some stacking, swirling, and flashing, depending on your stitch count and pattern. If you don’t like how it is working up, try a tweak of needle size or stitch count, or there are patterns with slip stitches or modular bits that will change how the colors work with each other.

Swirl Targhee TC May 2024

For fiber, I was able to get my hands on some lovely American Targhee. A cross of Merino and Lincoln, this breed was created to be hardy in our western states, particularly Idaho. It has a very soft hand, and a bit of a sheen when spun worsted due to that bit of Lincoln. This wool is happy to be spun any way you like. I suggest you also arrange the colors how you like, I went with repeating short color bits as these colors went so nicely together.

Tiger Club is currently on waitlist only, however the list is short! I do have fiber spots available immediately, so just drop me a line through my website after you’ve viewed the club listing here.

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