As of 2011, I no longer make these scarves.  Sorry!

Here are a collection of scarves I’ve knitted over the past month or so.

This first scarf was requested by a Dr. Who fan.  The full length scarf is rather unwieldly, so I created a more managable version of it.Dr. Who style scarf

Dr. Who Scarf

This three color scarf is in the progress of being custom knit for a hockey player in team colors of black, red, and white.

Red, White, & Black Custom Knit Scarf

This tan/warm brown and black striped scarf and hat set is being sported by a fine young man.

Black and Tan Scarf & Hat set

And finally, I made a scarf for myself! *Gasp!* My previous one had seen better days, and it is always helpful to wear something that you sell.   Although not striped like my usual scarves, this is still a nice scarf, and was easy to make.

My scarf

I have quite a bit of newly dyed yarn drying, so there will be some yarn pr0n in the near future!

As of 2011, I no longer make these scarves.  Sorry!

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