I must be crazy….

I never have sales.  Well, almost never.  I prefer to keep my prices reasonable in the first place and spend my energy making more great yarn and roving.

 But it is April Fool’s day, and although my husband suggested raising my prices (uh….I think that’d be a joke on me!!), I have decided to have a sale.  A pretty decent sale!

So click on the link below, and 25% will be taken off your order at checkout.  Good for today only!

April Fools Day Sale

Also, you will note that I’ve added a newsletter sign up over in the right column.  Sign up, and I’ll send out a newsletter about once a month (never more than twice a month) containing news, pictures, and offers only available to subscribers.  It’s double opt in, so you’ll get an email asking if you really want to sign up.  Please do!! 🙂

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