The first newsletter goes out tomorrow!!

As you can see in my sidebar, I have newsletter that you can receive in your email once (or maybe twice) a month.  Why should you sign up?

  • Special discounts not offered elsewhere.
  • First dibs on special yarns and sock clubs

I’m going to send out the first newsletter tomorrow, and it it you will find a link to my first club, SSSSYC, and to preorders for Stars and Stripes, Forever and Rainbow Brite Stripe.  Let me tell you more about those:

Stars & Stripes Forever Sock Yarn

This is Stars & Stripes, Forever.  As you can see, it is a self-patterning red, white, and blue yarn.  The stripes knit up to about 2 rows each, and the field of stars to about 4 rows.  This year, I will be dyeing this on a new yarn.  It will be 60% Merino wool, 30% Bamboo, and 10% Nylon.  I’ve come up with some new ways to streamline production, so I am excited to be able to offer more of them this year.  I am taking pre-orders on this yarn so I can order the right amount of base yarn.  I hope to offer more this summer, but I’m not making any guarantees beyond the initial pre-orders.  Stars & Stripes will be offered in the sock club, also.


Rainbow Brite Stripe

This is Rainbow Brite Stripe.  This will also be on the Bamboo blend yarn.  The shades of colors will be different, but you will get a bright cheerful rainbow with colors that go 2-3 rows on standard socks.  This yarn is also offered in the sock club, and separately via Pre-Order.


Super Striped Summer Sock Yarn Club (SSSSYC)

This will be my first (and hopefully not last) sock club, and I’m going to open it up to newsletter subscribers first.  I am only taking 12 members, so you’ll need to be quick….there are more of you than that on the mailing list!  Included in the 3 month club are Stars & Stripes, Rainbow Brite, (both on bamboo blend yarn) and a mystery variegated yarn that will be on my house blend of 80% merino/20% Nylon.  The price includes Priority Mail shipping (grr….rates going up again in May!), plus a budget for me to pick out some great goodies for you.   Call in SSSSYC this summer, cause you have to get those socks knitted!


Did I convince you yet?  Sign on up for the newsletter, since the first one is going out Friday evening!!  If you miss it, stay tuned….I’ll be opening up remaining club spots and orders for summer yarns on Monday, April 28 to everyone.

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