An essay on balance…

I frequently am asked ‘How do you do it all?’, and also wonder that about some of my friends.  Well, for myself, the answer is ‘I don’t’.  Many things I turn down because now is not the season for me to be doing that.  The things I do take on, I generally don’t do all at the same time.  That’s why you haven’t heard from me for a few days. 

Last week, I heard back from a local shop that wants to carry my scarves, which she discovered when I sent a couple to a charity auction.  She wanted to show them off at Dutch Days, especially since it was forecast to be quite chilly on Saturday (it was).  So, I dropped everything and knit up as many scarves as I could for her.  In the future, it won’t be as labor intensive since I’ll be replacing sold inventory instead of an entire stocking, but I wanted to do a good job for her and get a good variety of the local school colors for her.  Here’s a picture of the booth….you can see the scarves on the back wall by the man in the red coat.

Scarves at Dutch Days

So, that was what I was doing instead of skeining yarn and doing Fiber Friday pictures!  I do have scads of yarn dyed up, just need time to process it!  Luckily, it is supposed to be raining later this week, so gardening is not going to be competing with FF this week!  Unfortunately, that means my garden isn’t going to be planted this week, either.  I’m building a second set of terraced beds, so it isn’t like I can go stick some seeds in the ground and be done with it.  I will probably get some lettuce and peas going in the beds I do have though.

Anyway, after all the scarf stuff, my next project was playing trumpet for a local performance of John Rutter’s Gloria.  Here’s the Third Movement of it.  My husband played, too, which was fun.  (Really, I should say that I got to play too….he’s an amazing trumpeter!)

Today, I’m working up my order for the summer sock club, and today is the last day for striping yarn pre-orders.  I have choir rehearsal tonight, and the girls have our monthly ‘meeting’ on Tuesday.  I turned down a couple of other things to do this week, just because we’ve been so busy lately.  I need to breathe!

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