Amazing weather….

Anyone watching the news will have perhaps seen a blurb about the weather in Iowa.  It has been raining buckets, and nearly everyday for about a month now.  We have been blessed with a dry basement, and few actual problems from the rain, but I know many are not so lucky.

Last night, a big powerful storm blew through here, full of lightening, hail, and high winds.  I shut down the computer early in the evening to preserve it  (I can’t live without my computer, and I really don’t want to have to find out if my backups are good!!).  Then the tornado sirens went off around 10pm.  With the tragedy at the scout camp in western Iowa in mind, we didn’t even check the news and quick grabbed the children and went to the basement.  I set them up with sleeping bags, but there was no sleeping going on.  The warning was to lift at 10:30, but instead the sirens sounded again.  The storm was upon us!  Luckily, the worst damage to our town was some flooding.  The watch was extended to 2am, so we spent quite a night crammed in the only basement room with no windows.

So, the kids and I are tired and cranky.  I could get fiber wound and photographed for you, but it can wait until Monday.  I’m sure you all understand!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some cute pictures of booties crocheted from my Stars & Stripes, Forever yarn.  They are by thecrochetedbaby, and are so adorable!

Patriotic Baby Socks - Edition 2

Patriotic Baby Socks - Edition 1

Have a great weekend, stay dry, and I’ll fiber you up on Monday!

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