Fiber Friday, June 6

At long last, I did some serious dyeing of roving.  Here is what was dry, more to come soon.  I did these in the ‘jar dyeing’ method, so they are a bit randomly dyed, but it beautifully preserves the loft of the wool.  I am very pleased with them.  Click the bold titles above the picture to be taken directly to the listing and more pictures of that particular item.

Island on Wool Roving


X & O
X & O - on wool roving


I’ve Got the Blues
I've Got the Blues on wool roving


Cake Dismantled
Cake Dismantled on wool roving

And here is some Bamboo Blend Sock Yarn….

Red Sands
Red Sands on Panda Sock Yarn

Kelp on Panda Sock Yarn


Cool on Panda Sock Yarn
Cool on Panda Sock Yarn


Dappled on Panda Sock Yarn


The Garden     (also available in a paler version on my regular sock yarn)
The Garden on Panda Sock Yarn
The Garden on Panda Sock Yarn

See you in the shop!!

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2 Responses to Fiber Friday, June 6

  1. Jena says:

    Those are beautiful colors and amazing photos. It’s like being at a candy store!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!

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