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Note:  As of 2011, I no longer make these scarves.  Thank you.

It’s that season again, so it seems like a good time to mention the original side of ThePaintedTiger….. custom knit striped rugby scarves.  How is this done, you may ask?  You simply choose two colors from my list of Red, Burgundy, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Green, Hunter, Blue, Navy, Grey, Brown, Cream, White, and Black (other colors may be available upon request), choose your fringe length, and check out.  Your scarf will be knit and in the mail to you within 10 days of order.

This is the BIG scarf, and measures about 7 inches wide and 80 inches long.  This particular one was requested in Gryffindor colors of Harry Potter fame.  All of my scarves are knitted in a thick rib knit and then carefully finished so the ends don’t flare out.  Then I add your choice of fringe….none, 3″, or 7″.

Rugby Striped Scarf
BIG Wizard Style Scarf

As you can see, the scarf itself is about knee length on an average person, and the fringe hangs around the shins.  It makes the custom scarf perfect for wrapping, and the BIG size can even be used to wrap the head if needed.

Like the length but not the width?  I offer the LONG Custom Scarf.  These knit scarves are 5 inches wide and 80 inches long.  This particular Navy Blue and Gold (Maize) scarf was given as a Christmas gift to a Michigan fan.
Michigan Scarf

Finally, I have the Regular Custom Knit Scarf.  The size is 5 x 70 inches, which puts the scarf around mid-thigh on most people (before fringe).  It’s the perfect length for car coats, or if you like your scarf for decoration instead of functionality.  This yellow and black combo was very popular last year as a scarf for Hufflepuff, Iowa Hawkeyes, and Appalacian State.

Hufflepuff, Hawkeyes, or Appalacian State Scarf

Ok, really finally…..if you have something else you would like made, please do contact me to see if I can make a custom custom order for you.  For example, I made this scarf for a Dr. Who fan who wanted something more managable to wear for everyday:
Dr. Who Scarf

So…..if you don’t knit, or do knit but are overwhelmed and need some help, do remember ThePaintedTiger Custom Knit Striped Scarves for your holiday gift giving, for birthdays, or your favorite University or Sports Team fan!

Note:  As of 2011, I no longer make these scarves.  Thank you.

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