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Gotta love the internet age….now fundraising goes international!  Europe based MSF  (Doctors Without Borders)   is a great cause being supported by the UK based site P/HoP, which stands for Pennies per Hour of Pleasure.   You may have heard of Doctors Without Borders and the tragedies of Darfur if you have watched E.R. 

How do you fit in?  Designers are donating patterns to this cause.  You can download them for free, and even enjoy knit-a-longs on Ravelry.  The hope is that you will donate something for your enjoyment of the patterns.  Knitters are such a great bunch….I know this will be a fantastic fundraiser that will do lots of good.  There are two patterns up right now, Flowers in the Rain shawl by Jacqui Walker, and Cranford Mitts, by Jane Lithgow.  More patterns are to come.

I managed to catch the showing of Cranford on Masterpiece Theater last spring, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Yay for the BBC! 

Jane (the designer) says, ‘This gentle drama, both humorous and touching took us into the lives of gentlewomen of certain age living in reduced circumstances. I noticed that many of their costumes included delicate mitts which they wore to ensure warm fingers in their draughty houses. I have adapted this idea to create some warm but delicately lacy mitts to take the edge off chilly spring mornings.’ 

Jane was originally selling this pattern for about $4 when she decided to donate it to p/hop. 

Go forth and knit the world a better place!

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  1. probablyjane says:

    Thank you so much for publicising the campaign. I think the Cranford Mitts would look beautiful in some of your soft shades.

  2. Louise says:

    Great post! Thanks for your support.

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