April Club Spoilers

It’s time to show off the two clubs (Transitions and Fiber Barista’s ‘PostCards from Home’) I shipped last Friday.  As usual, if you don’t wanna see the Fillets reknit, don’t click ‘more’!!! Both sample tubes were knit in stockinette with 64 stitches at about 7 stitches per inch. Both would run about knee highish on me.  YMMV depending on your # of stitches, gauge, and pattern choice. 

I’ll start off with Transitions. The title is Jelly Beans, and I surprised everyone with a new base yarn….SW Merino/Silk/Nylon/Silver.  Watch the blog next week, I’m gonna need a name for this base, and you can make suggestions for the chance to win a skein!

I personally think this Fillet would look neat knit into a scarf or shawl with one of those mirror image type patterns…..ball the second strand while knitting the first half, then the second strand would be all set to go the other way.
Jelly Beans (Frogged & Balled)
Jelly Beans, sample tube & Fillet
Jelly Beans, sample tube & Fillet
Jelly Beans, sample tube
Jelly Beans, sample tube

Now for the Fiber Barista Club. The theme was based from a local tourist attraction, the actual farm from “The Field of Dreams”. I titled the yarn ‘If You Knit It….’.   Who will come?  I dunno!!

Here’s the Fillet before frogging:
If You Knit It....(Top Front)
If You Knit It....(Bottom Front)
If You Knit It....(Back)
Here’s the sample tube:
If You Knit It........(sample tube)
If You Knit It........(sample tube)

There’s some overlap in the following pictures, but you get the idea:

If You Knit It....(sample tube)
If You Knit It....(sample tube)
If You Knit It........(sample tube)

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3 Responses to April Club Spoilers

  1. Jenni says:

    I’ve been trying to think up a good name for the new yarn, but my brain is getting stuck on Silver Tiger.

  2. ChristyH says:

    I really like the top club photos. Very spring feeling, especially here in the great white north.

  3. melistress says:

    Gorgeous! I want some yarn in that base! But darker colors to show off the silver. Can’t find it in your shop yet. I imagine you aren’t listed?

    P.S. Found it in the new yarn on ravelry

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