In the mail!!


Whew!!!  That there is 40 packages that I took to the post office this morning.  That includes the Fiber Barista Club, my own Transitions Club, plus an amazing order from a new customer (thanks!!!)

I’ve invested quite a bit of time in getting all of this done (you’ll understand that even more once you see the pictures of the yarn that I’ll post later next week once most people have a chance to receive it).  I’m happy it is done, but am glad I was able to set a schedule and stick to it.  I was never stressed getting these done, and actually had quite a bit of fun with my kids while we were packing up the boxes.  (If you notice wavy cutting of mailing labels, or not straight highlighting, please forgive me.  The kids really enjoyed working for ThePaintedTiger, and seriously the shipping labels don’t matter that much.)

So what do I plan to do now with my newfound ‘free time’.  Well, it is back to the regular routine on Monday (I have some fiber and yarn waiting in the wings for you, plus plans to dye up a bunch load.), but today I’m going to spin a bit, play outside with my kids, and order the netbook I’ve been eyeing for the last month.  Tomorrow, I’m enjoying a special day with my dd and MIL at the Pure in Heart conference. 

Hope you have great plans for your weekend!

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  1. Betty Hay says:

    The Field of Dreams that was in the Kevin Costner movie is my answer

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