What’s on the Wheel this Wednesday?

Ready for more drum carding photo blogging?

This time I’ve taken some mill ends from my Brown Sheep box.  This is the same fiber that is spun into Lamb’s Pride.  85% wool, split between mostly red, and a bit black, and 15% white mohair.   Some of this pile has very long fibers, and other areas are handfuls that were cut from the machines.

 Original Red Mill Ends

Here are some of the longer fibers.

Carding the Red Mill Ends


Waste from Mill Ends

Above is a pile of the shorter fibers that the licker in caught.  All is not lost, I’ll set the kids to making beads with it, or otherwise felt it into something useful.  Below is the whole set up…..going clockwise….Drum Carder, original fiber, short fibers, finished batts. 


Batt close up.  I sent these through only once since they were previously combed fibers.  I wanted to keep streaks of the different colors.
Red Batts
Red Batt

And finally, here is the first bobbin of bulky singles.  I have enough batts ready to spin another bobbin, then I’ll ply them up for nice bulky yarn.
Red Singles

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