Fiber Friday!

Hi!  I have a huge update for you of hand dyed Corriedale fiber and Tabby Merino Lace yarn!!

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CMY Party – This is what happens when you let primary colors loose to play!

CMY Party  - Corriedale Top

Kelp – Turquoise, teal, and green blend on this soft corriedale top fiber.  A big 8oz braid.
Kelp - Corriedale Top

Black Forest Cake – Yummy chocolate and cherries abound!
Black Forest Cake - Corriedale Top

Twilight – This is just a beautiful transition between day and night….from yellows to reds and pinks to deep blues.  This will be really fun to spin.
Twilight - Corriedale Top

Mimosa – Pink Champagne and Orange Juice?  Yes, please!
Mimosa - Corriedale Top

Lime Mojito – Or perhaps something a bit stronger?
Lime Mojito - Corriedale Top

Here’s the lace yarns.  Tabby is a two ply 100% merino lace, 880 yards per 100 grams.  There are two of each of these, plenty for a large lace shawl.  Most are hand dyed in a semi-solid method to resist pooling and showcase your amazing knitting or crochet stitchwork.  This yarn would be fun as weft in fine weaving, also….in case you caught the Cricket loom bug from a certain Stephanie.

Sunset – (Ok, so this one will pool or zag, or something….but isn’t it cool?!?)

Sunset - Tabby Lace

Citron Twist – Delicious lime with twists of blue and yellow.
Citron Twist - Tabby Lace

Carmel Fudge (need I say more?)
Carmel Fudge - Tabby Lace

Impatiens – A basket of these is a traditional Mother’s Day gift in our household.
Impatiens - Tabby Lace

Coral – (this batch is sold…if you love it, ask and I’ll make more!)
Sabrina - Tabby Lace

Apricot – gentle peach with subltle areas of orangy yellow which adds depth and life.
Apricot - Tabby Lace

Thanks for taking a peek at the update!  I’ve had a couple of inquiries about my summer striping yarns, and rest assured…I am working on them!  This year, I am going to make a big batch and release them first to newsletter subscribers, so if you aren’t on the newsletter and want dibs, please do sign up in the sidebar —>

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2 Responses to Fiber Friday!

  1. Oh my that caramel fudge laceweight is making my heart skip.

    I keep telling myself – you have 1.4 lbs of brand new laceweight at home – you don’t need any more

    It’s gorgeous – I am not sure if I will be able to resist it.

  2. Sabrina says:

    A note on the coral: it’s even more gorgeous in person. I’m making a shawl for a work friend’s wedding out of it, and is just perfect.

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