It’s amazing how time flies. It seems like yesterday I brought home my first child, yet she turned 9 today. I’m so grateful to be along for the ride of her life. She is turning out to be quite the young lady. She’s the go-to girl at church…she’s been asked to be part of the honor guard for bible club, and last week was asked to hand out flowers for Mother’s Day. She has an amazing sense of humor. Like many girls, she loves horses, or perhaps more accurately, ponies. Her grandmother found the perfect gift…a jewelry box covered with horses, and a horse goes around when the lid is opened. She also received (from us) a box set of the Kaya American Girls set. (Did I mention that she is a voracious reader?) She also is a budding artist. She draws, she colors, she paints, she cuts things up to make 3-d art. She likes to help me with the yarn. She has been asking for a camera for a long time now, and I was finally able to find just the right (used) digital camera for her. She watches me take so many pictures, and it was amazing to watch her start playing with the camera, then go back and delete most of the pictures and get serious about composition. Already she has some unique art shots. Now, she is still a kid, and aggravates me plenty….but for today, I’m enjoying my newly minted 9 year old. Hug your kids. They grow too fast.

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