Packages packages…..

One of the fun bits of being in the fiber business is that you get to receive very large boxes of stuff.  I know my children appreciate it, as they get to make a number of box cars, space ships, etc.  Well today is my birthday, and whether I subconsciously worked it out this way or not, I’ve been enjoying the arrival of several large boxes this week.  Here’s a pictorial tour for you:

What's in this box?
SW Merino fiber....clown car box!

The cubs were impressed that all that fiber came out of there.  It’s superwash merino, btw.

On to the next box……this might be overkill on the pictures, but I wanted to show you how well this was packed….

Does that give you a clue?

Alright, enough fooling around…’s my new toy……

Big Tom Drum Carder by Fancy Kitty

What is that in there?  That’d be motors!
Big Tom Drum Carder by Fancy Kitty

Presenting my new Big Tom drum carder from Fancy Kitty!!!  It’s a cottage industry carder that makes big 36″ batts, and the licker and swift are separately controllable.   Hmmmm…..big box of fiber……big drum carder.  Yup, I know what I’m doing this afternoon!  I’ll be reporting more on Big Tom as I use him.

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2 Responses to Packages packages…..

  1. Mary says:

    I really LOVE that new Big Tom! WoW!

    • ThePaintedTiger says:

      Thanks Mary! I’m really having fun breaking it in, and just sorted my big stash of dyed odds and ends to run through it!

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