Fiber Update 10/08/09

10/08/09 Shop Update

In the top row, we have Tussah Silk.  These are 4 oz braids, and are quite soft and luxurious.

The second row contains Corriedale, love to spin this….it’s like comfort spinning!

The first picture in row 3 is Firestar .  I have 11 colors up right now, so you can blend them in your self to make sparkle batts, rolags, or carry along here or there with your spinning.  Fabulous way to add bling without changing the hand of your fiber.

All the rest of the braids are a new fiber to the shop: Superwash Merino.  You may ask why I didn’t have it in the shop before.  Well, I really wanted to be sure of my methods before I went into superwash.  It is a tricky fiber….dye hungry and slippery as all get out.  We won’t discuss what happened to my test batch (well, maybe when I spin it…it wasn’t THAT bad!!!).  I’m happy to report that my practice paid off, and I now have fluffy colored clouds to offer you.  This stuff is 21.5 microns, so super duper soft.  I love it, and I’m so glad I bought a whole bump.  The undyed is also available in my natural fiber section, if you’d like to spin the natural, or try your hand at dyeing.

Next week, I’ll be doing a big hand dyed yarn update!!!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Your creativity is working over-time. Absolutely beautiful new fibers! That Tussah Silk in the Elizabeth colorway is especially drool-worthy! (And I swear it’s not just the name : D)

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