It’s been awhile since I talked about my WIP’s, so here goes!

The Giant Bacon

Yes, yes, this is not much progress on what we’ve dubbed ‘The Giant Bacon’.  I do have an excuse…..I made the cast on chain WAAAAAY too tight, and so the Giant Bacon was becoming the Giant C due to my loosening gauge.  So I had to tediously pick out the cast on and crochet something else there.  Here’s the result, and I’m back to adding actual inches to the blanket.  (No comments please about the acrylic.  This blanket had better last forever, as long as it is taking to make!!!)

Giant Bacon Edge

Next are my Flower Garden socks.  These are knit from Tiger Cub, and are in a bag I can grab when going someplace where I must wait.  I’m reforming the stitches to make 2x rib, then casting off.  One sock done, second sock half way done.

Flower Garden Socks

And finally we have my experiments with Paton’s Chunky.  The colors are perfect to go with my winter coat, but I’m not sure yet what to do with it.  This is a drop stitch wave pattern I got for free off Ravelry, but the repeat is just not working well with the length of the variegation.  This one is due to be frogged and I’ll try something else.  Any suggestions?

Paton's Chunky Scarf Fail

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