Is your neck chilly?

As of 2011, I no longer make these scarves.  Sorry!

For my non-knitting readers (or those who do knit, but are starting to get the feeling that WIP’s aren’t going to turn into FO’s in time), I’d like to mention my little custom scarf knitting service.

Choose two colors, and I will knit up (on my nifty manual knitting machine) a beautiful striped rugby scarf, lovingly finished by hand.  The handsome scarf below is Navy Blue and Charcoal.

Custom Knit Scarf

I have three sizes available (Regular, Long, and BIG) and three fringe options (none, 3″, and 7″).  The regular navy and white on the left is part of a set of 25 I just completed for a soccer team, the center Long purple and gold is my personal scarf (University of Northern Iowa is my alma mater), and the red and gold BIG scarf is for an Iowa State Cyclone fan.

Regular, Long, and Big Custom Knit Rugby Scarves

This scarf is showing one of two new colors for this year, light gray (paired with burgundy).  I also have a ‘Carolina’ Sky Blue.  If you need colors other that what is set up in the shop, please do contact me.  I can get many others, I just don’t stock them all in my studio.

Burgundy and Light Grey Scarf

If you are considering ordering a scarf as a gift for Christmas, I encourage you to get your order in soon.  The week of Thanksgiving until Christmas is a busy time for all of us, and there are only so many scarves I can make during that time and still keep up with the kids and our musical commitments.   So get your favorite fan or wizard some stripes, and have that present safely tucked away in plenty of time!!

As of 2011, I no longer make these scarves.  Sorry!

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