April Tiger Club – Revealed

I was reminded over in my Ravelry group that I hadn’t posted the reveal photo’s for the April Fiber and Yarn Clubs yet……so yeah…..here we go!!!

Here’s the inspiration photo:
April Tiger Club Inspiration

I love the interplay of the purple and the pinks and blues within the purple, and wanted to capture some of that without being quite so stridently loud about it.   What I came up with I call Dew on the Petal.

The sock yarn is Silver Lynx (SW Merino/Silk/Nylon/Silver)
April Tiger Club - Dew on the Petal

And the fiber is 1 oz Tussah Silk, 3 oz SW Merino, and a half oz Firestar
April Tiger Club - Dew on the Petal

The Tiger Clubs for May are still open until Saturday, May 15th.  Hope you’ll be able to join us!

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