Fresh from the Dyepot – Wonderful Wensleydale

It is time for a new fiber to join the zoo!  Wensleydale is a lovely luster longwool, which means a staple length of 8 or so inches.  Lovely for lace, or fancy spinning like boucle.  All braids are 8 oz, and there are a variety of gradients in here for easy long stripes.

Drama Queen - Wensleydale Wool Top
Fathoms Below - Wensleydale Wool Spinning Fiber
Buddy - Wensleydale Wool Top
Seafoam - Wensleydale Hand Dyed Wool Spinning Fiber
Rare Sunset - Wensleydale Wool Hand Painted
Savanna - Wensleydale Wool Spinning Fiber
Follow the Yellow Brick Road - Wensledale Wool Top Hand Dyed

I hope you enjoy this longwool addition to the shop as much as I do!

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