RiverChor at Dixon

This here is what I did with my President’s Day weekend!  RiverChor (the community choir I sing with) was part of the 100th birthday celebration for Ronald Reagan in his childhood town of Dixon, Illinois.  We sang a half hour set, then Eureka College Chamber Singers did a set.  After intermission, the Dixon Municipal Band performed several selections.  Finally, we all massed together (and added the Rockford Choral Union) on a commissioned piece.  Composer Dr. David Holesinger was on hand to conduct “Reagan of Illinois”.  We performed the entire concert twice on Saturday, and I really enjoyed the performance time, plus the down time in between to get to know my fellow choir members better.

This week, I’m busy dyeing up club (ack, why does February have to be so short?!?!!), and catching up on things….including sleep.  We had all enjoyed coming out of hibernation with the lovely sunny warm weather, but the snow and damp and cold are back, so it can be hard to get moving sometimes!  For those occasions, a nice warm beverage can help, and that is just what Tiger Club members will receive for their February shipment……tease, tease!

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