Rainbows are always popular at The Painted Tiger…..I love to make them, and knitters and spinners love to make stuff with them.  I’ve been overdue for a batch, so here’s what came out of the dyepot one sunny afternoon!

Rainbow Brite - Striping Fillet of Sole on Safari Sock

These are the new Fillet of Sole yarns I’ve been making on my new yarn, Safari (corriedale and nylon blend).  Rainbow Brite is all bright and rainbow-ee with a side of navy that will really make the colors pop even more.  Each side will alternate in rows about 3 stripes wide.

Tropical Rainbow - Panda Sock

Here’s some Tropical Rainbow on Panda – Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend.  This is really great for items that want some drape…baby blankets, scarves, shawls.  Fun for weaving on your Rigid Heddle loom.  And it makes great socks, too!

Tropical Rainbow - Tiger Twist

Tiger Twist is the most popular sock yarn in my shop….it is thick and cushy, but high twist so it has great durability for merino wool.  Here it soaks up the sunshine of a Tropical Rainbow.

Rainbow Replenishment 7/29/11

All of these are located in the Rainbow section of the shop.  Enjoy a rainbow today!

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