July Tiger Club Reveal

All right, all right, so not everything got done on my to-do list before vacation. I totally missed getting the July reveal up. So at long last, here it is.

For the last hurrah of summer, I wanted to do a cool fiber, so Bamboo was the go-to plan. And I had opportunity to purchase some of the neat carbonized bamboo, so I needed a colorway that would look striking with black. How about this…..

So, Northern Aurora was born!
Northern Aurora - Rayon of Bamboo - July Tiger Club

And for sock yarn that matched, I wound up 1/2 skeins and dyed half black and half in the turquoise/pink/purple.
Northern Aurora - Panda Sock Yarn - July Tiger Club

As a side note, this picture of the fireworks at Disney came up during my inspiration search. It is showing the battle of the fairies over Aurora’s dress color in Sleeping Beauty. Pink! No, Blue! I found it amusing, and it became a great teaser clue for the club colors.

Pink! No, Blue!

Thanks for your patience about this reveal! August Club is closed and is being dyed as I type this. It is scrumptious….5 main colors and so pretty, perhaps hinting at fall, but not cliche. Stay tuned on Ravelry and/or Facebook for hints (or take a guess!).

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