It all started with a piece of countertop.  I’ve been wanting to move all the dyeing into our laundry room for awhile, so we stopped by the Habitat ReStore, and picked up a sink and some countertop.  The piece they had that worked had an L that I didn’t need, but I figured I could just trim it off.

Except I kept looking at that countertop while waiting for time to put it in, and the more I looked, the more I liked it as is.  Eureka, the countertop would go in my cramped studio space instead, and I’ll try something else for the laundry room.  What follows are my gory before and glorious after pictures.

Studio - Before

East Wall - Before

Studio - After

East Wall - After

On the surface, this isn’t much change.  Note the new storage bins on the right.  I also tucked some stash in here, and the bulky machine moved over a little.

Studio - Before

South Wall - Before

Here’s the crux of the matter.  This table in the middle with bins underneath just took up lots of space, as did the table in the back with the winder, and the loom in the lower right, that doubled as a photo booth.  Oh, and store inventory, too.  Both tables went away, and the big bin contents went into the smaller but taller bins.  The loom gets to be a loom, and there’s the new countertop!  I took apart my big black shelf, and it perfectly fits underneath.

Studio - After

South Wall - After

Studio - After

The New Countertop!


Studio - Before

West Wall - Before

Here’s the final disaster corner…..the table with winders went away.  My ball winder doesn’t have a permanent home anymore, but is easy to attach to my stool when needed.  The skeiner lives on a cart, so I can pull it out when needed.  My drum carder moved back into the studio (also on a cart).  The big white cabinet is in pieces waiting to go to Goodwill.  The books and magazines went on the deep shelves under the countertop.  And with the extra room, I was able to put together all my wire cubes, so all the dyed inventory is in one place, and I have a convenient shipping station.

Studio - After

West Wall - After

Studio - After

North Wall - After

It’s still a little cramped, but as long as I take a few moments to put things away when I am finished with them (I know, I know, what a concept!), then there is a goodly amount of open space, and I can get to all of my equipment.  I’ve been making good use of my knitting machines and my poor neglected Kombo Loom, and I’ll have some projects to share with you soon.

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