Qui’il Fait Froid – January 2013 Tiger Club Reveal

I find myself following the seasons with Tiger Club, and January’s club is a good example of that.  In my search for Art Noveau inspiration for last year’s club, I ran across this Poiret fashion drawing.   I love the snowy scene, the chocolate and pink, and flash of blue.  And her little face all screwed up in a pout about how cold it is.  (Although I haven’t much sympathy….look at this decadent outfit!) Plus….chocolate and pink….can’t get more Valentine’s than that!

Dieu! Qui'il Fait Froid...by Georges Lepape

The fiber choice was an easy one….that chocolate and ivory skirt looks just like Mixed BFL.  I added in the brown and made the pink mottled with bits of darker red-pink, and tucked in that bit of blue to set it all off.  (Maybe it’s static electricity in that muff?  ZAP!!)

Qui'il Fait Froid - Mixed BFL - January 2013 Tiger Club

To match our fiber, I chose Bengel Twist for the yarn, as it is made of superwash BFL wool. I decided to create a dappled effect this month, to keep it from being too swirly and sweet.
Qui'il Fait Froid - Bengal Twist - January 2013 Tiger Club

I must apologize for the tardiness of this reveal.  I’ve been muddling through some hosting issues (which are now all resolved…..if you had problems with my cart system before, do please try it out again.)

Anyway, February Tiger Club is open for new subscriptions until this Friday, February 15th.  This will be installment 2 of 3 of a mini-theme of overdyed naturally colored fibers.  The fiber this month will be a brand new one for the club, so I hope you can join us.  I also have a new sock yarn to try out, and I look forward to your feedback.

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I'm an Indie dyer of yarn and fiber. I love all the colors, but especially green and brown.....and purple, and blue.....
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