Classic Fall – November 2023 Tiger Club

As I was dyeing November Club, there was snow rather than morning mist toning the splendor of fall. I’m not quite ready to give it up for the chill of winter, so here’s our last hurrah! Classic Fall works into winter with shades of red both bright and burgundy, timeless black and grey, and a splash of a warm sandy buff.

Classic Fall - Safari Sock - Nov 2023 Tiger Club

Safari Sock (75% SW Wool, 25% Nylon) is always a favorite of mine for stripes, I’ve made nice wide stripes of the reds, a narrower stripe of the grey and black to outline them, and a medium divider of the buff. With the longer stripes, you have some room to add some patterning, use this to weave with, or try an atypical sock pattern such as Skew. Here’s a preview of the striping pattern, start with the burgundy end to be at the beginning of a repeat.

Classic Fall Safari Stripe Plan

Finn carries the colors with richness. This medium fiber (28 micron) is fun to spin and makes sturdy yarn. Dyed in a longer ‘there and back’, spin as is for long stripes, or strip it down to make shorter repeats….or tear it all up and spin up the colors separately the way you want! Want to learn more about Finnish sheep? Check out

Classic Fall - Finn - Nov 2023 Tiger Club

I’m currently in the midst of the craziness that December is for musicians, and tucking some fabulous fiber and yarn into the dyepot. If Tiger Club interests you, drop me a line, or watch for it to open again on January 1!

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