Solar Flare – June 2013 Tiger Club

C3-class Solar Flare Erupts on Sept. 8, 2010 [Detail]

Yup, I’m a science geek, and solar flares….well, they are cool! So this photo by NASA was the inspiration for June’s Tiger Club

Solar Flare on Tiger Twist II - June 2013 Tiger Sock Club

Our yarn is Tiger Twist II, which is pretty similar to the original Tiger Twist, but contains nylon for a longer lasting sock. I dyed it kettle style, which is sorta random, so minimal pooling, or at least pooling that doesn’t have a consistent recurring pattern. It all depends, of course, and each skein is different. Can’t wait to see these knit up!

Solar Flare on Romney Roving - June 2013 Tiger Fiber Club

The wool for June is an old favorite in a new version. We’ve had Romney before, but as combed top. This time, I had the Michigan grown wool processed as true roving instead. I was nervous about dyeing it, as it isn’t as organized a preparation, but I needn’t have worried….it was lovely to work with, and hope you will find it equally lovely to spin. And it is just plain fun to say ‘Romney Roving’!

July Club is coming up really quick, we will be on vacation during my usual shipping week, so I will be shipping it early. It will be a completely new yarn AND fiber for the club. Unfortunately the sock club options are full, but you are welcome to join us for Fiber Club, available in single and double.  Hope your 4th was a blast, and stay cool in July!

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