Mineral Ore – October 2013 Tiger Club Reveal


In the picture inspiration thread on Ravelry, a couple of people had posted pictures featuring copper. Since we’ve had bright orange recently in the club, I decided to go a little ‘earthier’ with the copper idea, and went back to ore.

Mineral Ore - October Tiger Club - Bengal Tweed Sock Yarn

Our yarn this month is a brand new special, likely to be exclusive to club (although it is lovely!). Bengal Tweed is BFL (Blue Faced Leicester), which is a great long wearing wool, and spun right is are brown and black bits of Donegal, which make it tweed. I gasped when it came out of the box from my supplier….I love it!

Mineral Ore - October Tiger Club

So to make this great yarn even better (yes, I felt like gilding the lily, here!) I added our copper ore colors of cobalt blue, green, russety orange, and two shades of brown. The colors were applied completely randomly, so you’ll have random tweed and random colors. It makes for a very busy project, so I’d suggest choosing something really simple.

Mineral Ore - October Tiger Club - BFL Silk Combed Top

Our fiber is a blend of Mixed (white and black) BFL and Tussah Silk. I didn’t want to cover up the lovely natural color of this blend, so again I applied the color randomly and judiciously. You’ll get some great marling if you ply it to itself, or make an intentional single…great for a super soft hat or cowl.

Tiger Club membership is open for November until the 15th. If you’d like to join us, please stop by the site and take a look, I’d love to be dyeing for you!

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