New – Batts!

For the first time I am offering batts! There are some art batts with sparkle, and some smooth spinning batts with BFL and Silk. Hope you enjoy them!

Purple Rain is layered shades of purple and grey from pale to dark, and good dose of sparkle!


Grape stripe contains pinkish purple shades from light to dark, and a racing stripe of black.


Oh Baby is stripes of yellow, pink, and blue carded with just enough firestar for sparkle without being overbearing.


Bright magenta pink, Navy blue, and white with some mohair and sparkles. Applied randomly for a fun mottled art batt look for your felting or spinning pleasure.


Blended Grape Stripe is the same colors as Grape Stripe, but the layers are added more randomly so your resulting yarn will be marled even in the single.


Kelp is a mottled blend of seafoam greens, teal, and navy blue. Layered for a marled single.


Fruity are striped art batts of yellow, orange, and pink.


Silver Lining is a layered batt, from dark grey to pale dove, with plenty of firestar sparkle.


Seafoam batts are soft seafoam green with subtle streaks of lighter and darker shades.

I also have three sets (of six each) smooth batts made of hand dyed BFL wool (long, soft, strong, silky!) and tussah silk. These have had three passes through the drum carder for a lovely smooth spin, but still subtle variation in the colors. Here are Apricot, Blue Skies, and Mahogany:




You can find all the batts in our new Batt Section. Grab them now, and tune in next week (same batt time, same batt channel….sorry, couldn’t resist) for what is Fresh from the Dyepot.

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